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Several reasons of geometric error caused by precision nc lathe



Several reasons of geometric error caused by precision nc lathe

Some of the main reasons for geometric tolerance of CNC lathe are to improve the accuracy of the machine tool in two ways.One is the removal of potentially reliable sources of supply through advanced levels of component design, manufacturing and assembly, known as error prevention.The method is mainly restricted by the precision of the machine, on the other hand, the improvement of the quality of the parts causes the expansion of the processing capital, so the use of the method is limited.The other method is called error compensation method. It usually corrects the machining instruction of the machine tool, compensates the error of the machine tool, realizes the ideal movement track, and realizes the soft input of the machine tool precision.

According to the research of zhejiang high-precision full-automatic CNC lathe manufacturers, geometric tolerance and temperature error account for about 70% of the overall error of the machine tool, among which the geometric tolerance is relatively disordered and error correction is easy.CNC automatic machine tool geometric tolerance compensation can improve the processing level of the whole machinery industry, promote the progress of science and technology, improve China's national defense capability, then, greatly improve China's comprehensive national strength has great significance taizhou precision CNC lathe.

The reason of geometric tolerance is generally believed that the geometric tolerance of CNC automatic machine tools is as follows: 1.5 the vibration error of the machine tools in the cutting process, because of the process flexibility and process changes, the running state of the micro automatic CNC lathe may become larger, so fall into the area of chaos.Cause violent shaking ningbo precision CNC lathe.Machining parts surface quality deterioration and geometric shape error.1.6 inspection?The test error of the measurement system includes the following aspects:

The manufacturing error of the measurement sensor and the error of the height sensor feedback system caused by the installation error in the machine tool;

Machine tool component and mechanism errors and height sensor generalization errors caused by deformation in use.The "input field" 7 interference errors in the list are random errors due to changes in the environment and operating conditions.Input field in the list 8 other errors, such as errors caused by program and operation errors.The above error can be divided into systematic error and random error according to the characteristics and properties of the error.The system error of nc automatic machine tool is the inherent error of machine tool itself and has reproducibility.Numerical control automatic machine tool geometric tolerance is the main component, also has reproducibility.Using this feature, you can think of it as an "offline length" and use the "offline check?Measurement - open - loop compensation "technology for correction and compensation, reduce it, the purpose is to improve the accuracy of the lathe.Random error has randomness, using "online check?The method of "measure-closed-loop compensation" needs to eliminate the influence on the machining accuracy of the machine tools with random errors. This method has strict requirements on the measuring environment of the measuring instruments, and it is not easy to popularize the manufacturers of automatic CNC machine tools.



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