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Definition and application of nc lathe equipment



Definition and application of nc lathe equipment

The definition and use method of numerical control instrument panel is numerical control instrument panel, which is actually a branch type of numerical control lathe.The main feature of semi-automatic lathe is that the main way of clamping the chuck is just a press-in handle, especially suitable for clamping many small workpiece.Can you finish the work plan?Chuck speed is less than a third of the hand of chuck chuck table (three operation to need hand chuck clamping workpiece) speed, than the hydraulic chuck chuck speed of a skilled worker is 2, 3 machine can operate at the same time, numerical control machine tool manufacturer in wenzhou a worker at the same time can be operated at the same time four numerical control panel moves back and forth between workers like butterflies in the machine tool.A stopwatch with a wallet, of course, in a numerical control instrument lathe, you can also use a hand card or an oil chuck to clamp the workpiece, but this is an optional part.

The second characteristic of the machine tool is that the machine tool bed is smaller than the usual CNC lathe, a small part of the machine tool represents the distance between the outside of the two rails, not in the machine tool rotating diameter measurement is that the machine tool rotating diameter is only away from the machine tool spindle guide.Height does not reflect the height of the machine tool.That is, the distance between the outside of the two guides of the numerically controlled instrument panel is located on the outside of the two guides of the 6132 numerically controlled lathe.CNC instrument panel is mainly a number of spring chuck clamping workpiece bed than CNC lathe control.Lathe.CNC instrument panel is cheap and easy to use.It's very convenient.Custom CNC machine tool manufacturers, part of the printing machinery.The old mould is a method commonly used in several CNC lathes,

The CNC instrument panel fixture holds the workpiece with a manual spring chuck, or a pneumatic spring chuck or a hydraulic spring spring chuck.For short rod material, a certain spring loading hill must be set in the spring chuck, which can be clamped directly in the appropriate position and does not need to be adjusted.Prepare tools to be added when finished.

The mass production of rod with diameter less than 20mm requires the addition of automatic stock handling system, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the operation

For mass-produced workpieces automatically sent by a short hand, high-end CNC machine manufacturers simply add an automatic freight system.

The tool rest can be used to grip the tool as much as possible, the tool rest can avoid the weight of the motor tool rest, and can accurately locate the degree and failure rate.

To increase the number of chucks, use an electric tool holder and knife



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