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CNC machine tool manufacturers: steady growth and promote transformation simultaneously!



CNC machine tool manufacturers: steady growth and promote transformation simultaneously!

The growth rate of demand slowed down slightly, which emphasized the intention of stable growth of management. Later stable growth, transformation and structure emerged.The increase in industry profits in the beginning of the year after the high growth began to decline, mainly due to slowing demand growth, cost rigidity caused by the rise.

With the increase of the scale base, the difficulty to realize the growth further increases, and various pressures on the industry transformation and upgrading will continue.With the increase of economic downforce, the management increased investment, from the perspective of stable growth, conversion and weight, pay attention to conversion and investment, and go out to bring opportunities to the machinery industry, such as intelligent equipment, rail equipment, energy equipment, engineering equipment.

Rail transit: the focus of investment under certainty.Track investment is one of the important clues for the steady growth of the government.In recent months, the purchasing managers' index of China's manufacturing industry continues to decline, which puts great pressure on the economy. The annual investment plan of railway fixed assets has exceeded one trillion yuan. It is expected that the investment of railway fixed assets will remain at a high level next year.And make rail transit travel force stronger, so that rail transit industry continues to go higher.

Robot and automation equipment: the industry into the high-speed lane, industry 4.0 into the field of vision.In 2013, China's industrial robot market was 36,560 units, an increase of 59% over last year, and the sales volume is expected to exceed 70,000 units in 2014, continuing its rapid growth.The release of the robot ontology and the domestic system integration market form a benign interaction, and we can expect the following rapid development.Recently, industry 4.0 has become the focus of the market. Objectively speaking, the distance between domestic enterprises and industry 4.0 is still relatively far, so it is necessary to consider the advantages of enterprises in information, control, process management and other aspects when choosing investment enterprises.Energy conservation and environmental protection equipment for industry: opportunities under the change of development mode of energy conservation and emission reductionExchange rate machine tool toward the field: the short-term impact of gasoline prices in the case of not changing the industry has a great trend ningbo precision CNC lathe factory.

There has been a big drop in oil prices recently, and the market is worried about the negative impact on the capital expenditure of the oil industry and the equipment industry of Marine engineering.We judge that a short-term shock to oil prices will not change the upward trend in the industry.Considering that the dependence of domestic crude oil on foreign countries continues to increase, it is difficult to increase the production of onshore crude oil, and the country's promotion of offshore oil and gas development, especially in the deep sea, keeps increasing.Taizhou precision CNC lathe factory



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