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Classification standards for precision CNC lathes



Classification standards for precision CNC lathes

There are many types of CNC machine tools, wenzhou CNC lathe equipment factory can be classified from different angles, different classification standards corresponding to different classification, the introduction of two classification methods, it according to the mode of motion and control of classification, the specific content is as follows: CNC machine tools according to the mode of motion division;

The point control system can control the movement from point 1 to other points.But in the process of movement without cutting processing, such as coordinate plate, excavator and punching machine.Coordinate position requires higher positioning accuracy. In order to improve production efficiency, the * feed speed set by the machine tool is used for positioning movement. Classification or continuous speed decrease is carried out before the positioning point.Due to the position movement process does not carry on the cutting processing, the high-end numerical control lathe equipment factory therefore does not have any request to the movement track.

Linear control system a linear control system controls the movement of a tool or base table from one position to another * at a certain speed, parallel to a certain axis.Also known as point linear motion control system.

Contour control system of two or more than two axes simultaneous control (two and a half shaft, two axis, three axes, four axis, five-axis linkage), it not only controls the beginning and end of the machine moving parts coordinates, and the processing speed of each point, must control the direction and displacement, the machining path, for processing the required profile.The trajectory is a straight line, arc, helix with arbitrary slope.The function of this machine tool's CNC device is very perfect, customized CNC lathe equipment factory can carry out 2-coordinate or even multi-coordinate linkage control, can carry out point and line control.



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