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Future precision CNC lathe research and development direction!



Future precision CNC lathe research and development direction!

With the promotion of national industry 4.0 and China's manufacturing industry 2025, China's manufacturing industry has led to the change of heaven and earth, the development of robotics and 3D printing, etc., which has exerted a profound impact on the industry of numerical control machine.Under this wave.How will the development and production direction of nc working machinery industry change in the future? Next, we will introduce some predictions.

The "input field" composite machining technology in the list is applied to a wider range of new composite machining machine tools, such as turning and milling composite machine tools, machine grinding composite machine tools, gear and composite machine tools, turning and milling composite and five-axis combined machine tools.Large machine tools to add multi-functional accessories and turntable and other metal cutting and special processing composite new progress, laser, electrical processing and cutting processing composite technology has been widely applied to mature products.The popularization and application of compound processing technology have important influence on the small batch production process of multi-variety and jinhua nc lathe equipment factory

The application speed of direct drive technology has accelerated the progress of electronic and numerical control technology, as well as the maturity of linear motor, torque motor, motor spindle, grid detection and other components.The application of direct drive technology has greatly improved the change and performance of nc working machinery.highly

Microfabrication techniques yuyao CNC lathe equipment factory of the so-called microfabrication (Intel - Micro) refers to the high efficiency, green, high precision Micro manufacturing technology, used for processing 3 d shape of various Micro manufacturing, now in the EU, with the support of relevant countries such as Germany and Italy's university, research institute, research team composed of enterprises, has the ultra precision 5-axis linkage Micro diamond and cubic boron nitride tool processing technology and achievements for, etc.Micromanufacturing technology has great application potential and should cause the industry



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